Great Boat Holidays Start In Norfolk

There has been a great deal on interest in the past few years, in the idea of cruising down river ways by boat. Most of us do secretly wish to take such a trip, as this is certainly a great way to see the countryside. Well, it is possible for most everyone to do just that, and taking a boating holiday in Norfolk is a great way to begin.
No previous boating experience is required for the rental of a Narrowboat, Cruiser or Widebeam vessel, if one is making use of them on inland waterways. These boats are very slow; the average speed of a Narrowboat is slower than a brisk walking pace, so the boating licenses are for the boats themselves. The rental operator will provide training on boat safety, how to start and stop the vessel, as well as how to get through the locks. Incidentally, there are no locks on the Norfolk Broads.
Generally, there is no additional cost for mooring for the night, and costs for utensils, linens, gas for cooking, heating and hot running water are included.  Free car parking may be included, but for boat holidays Norfolk Broads, France and Ireland there is likely to be a fuel surcharge for the boat rental.

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