Norfolk Broads Holiday: Boating And More

For your next holiday why not consider a Norfolk Broads holiday? The Norfolk Broads consist of a network of lakes (broads is another word for lakes) and rivers that are navigable by boat. This network of navigable waterways includes 63 broads and 7 rivers, and most of them are less than 4 m in depth. You can take your boat on scenic lakes and smaller ponds, and you can navigate your way slowly along several rivers. This area is known for its magical beauty and there are things to see and do for all kinds of holidaymakers, from boaters to families.

You can stay on your boat or in a comfortable bed and breakfast, and there are also self-catering cottages to rent: perfect for families and for groups of friends. You do not have to be a boater to enjoy the area; many visitors cycle along the rivers and there are also picturesque walking paths. You can stop for a meal in a pub on the river or treat yourself to a dinner in one of the bigger hotels in the area. There is a lot to see and do in Norfolk so book a Norfolk Broads holiday for your next trip.

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