Our Marina

Mooring at Ferry Marina

All our permanent berths are furnished with electricity posts and water. The majority of our berths are on fixed pontoons. The tide in Horning is minimal with only an average of 6 inches to a foot between the tides.

We are ideally located on the River Bure in a central location.

The service station is located on the main river and includes diesel, pump out and Flo gas.

The year runs from 1st April to 31st March

Our tariff for the 2024/25 season is £312 per meter including VAT at 20%.

We measure to the nearest half meter and confirm all measurements when you enter the marina. If the price paid differs from the actual boat length, the full total will be due and a balancing invoice will be sent.

All our moorings are annual. If you would like to join part way through the year please call us for a pro rata rate.

During the winter months we appreciate it's difficult to get down to your boat to check things over. We have staff on site daily to ensure all boats are secure and periodically we check how much electricity is on your post and advise accordingly. We will then update the electricity on your instruction.

Once you become a marina member you are entitled to the following-

  • 24 hour access to the showers and toilets
  • Pump out price – currently £25 for a single pump out (January 2024)(Loyalty discount available)
  • FREE on site parking
  • Diesel available on site